This post tells about main objectivities and tasks of the bank audit. Actually the purposes and tasks are not so different, but every meaning has its own truth. For example, one of the biggest roles of bank audit is to defense the bank system stability. But if you remember (you should, it was not so late) financial crisis in 2008, the bank systems had epic fail, especially in the USA, and then by all over the world. So, we should study audit science to protect our business and bank system in future.Main objectivities of the bank audit:

  • An establishment of reliability accounting both the financial reporting of the credit organization and conformity of operations made by it to the current legislation and to the regulations of the Central Bank;
  • Provision of stability of bank system;
  • Protection of interests of investors and creditors.

Exploring the audit

Tasks of the banking audit

Bank audit tasks are including:
1. Carrying out of the analysis of financial and economic activity, an estimation of assets and liabilities.
2. Forecasting of results of financial and economic activity and development of recommendations about financial soundness and liquidity increase.
3. Statement, restoration and business accounting conducting.
4. Consultation concerning financial, tax, bank and other legislation of the Russian Federation.
5. Training of employees.
6. Confirmation of the data of the prospectus of paper issue.
7. Rendering of other services in a profile of activity of auditing firm.

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